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Research publications


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Educational and review

Neymotin SA, Lytton WW, eds. Drug Discovery Today special issue 2016-2017
Computational Neuroscience of Brain Disease Full Issue Table of Contents
Neymotin SA, Lytton WW Introduction
Neymotin SA, Dura-Bernal S, Moreno H, Lytton WW Computer modeling for pharmacological treatments for dystonia
Newton AJH, Lytton WW Computer modeling of ischemic stroke
Lytton WW Computer modeling of epilepsy: opportunities for drug discovery

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About the lab

Professor William W. Lytton - Uniting biology and math to understand the brain. Scientia. 2016. PDF

Spanish newspaper article on Salvador Dura Bernal and the lab. La Provincia. 2016. PDF